Reflow creates sustainable 3D printing materials with precision and a clear social mission. By building an international network of producers and recyclers, we transform local waste streams into a distinctive, premium material to fuel the 3D printing revolution. Our disruptive model lowers distribution costs, enables rapid growth in all kinds of markets, prevents plastic pollution and promotes real collaboration amongst a global community of recyclers and makers

We believe that we can turn 3D printing into a shining example of sustainability and circularity without having to compromise the quality of the materials available to users. What’s more, we believe 3D printing can be a powerful tool for social impact, particularly in isolated or emerging economies that lack adequate manufacturing infrastructure. While this technology is increasingly being used in development areas such as education and health, we believe there is a world of untapped potential here. For Reflow, this starts with the materials that we use.

At work, we value:

A focused workflow over always being involved

Adapting to change over following a pre-determined plan

Creating value together over targeting our own projects & deadlines

Openness over secrecy and excluding others

Opportunity for growth over taking the beaten path

Our Mission is to make 3D printing sustainable, global and community driven. Our dream is to make 3D printing the cornerstone of a zero-waste and circular economy. We’re building a world where our oceans are clean, our plastics degrade, and where everyone can use their imagination to make the products their communities really need.

  • Bring your whole self to work

  • Daily team lunch

  • Fun group of people

  • Built on trust and openness

  • International team

  • Claudia

    Business Development Intern

    “ Everyone at Reflow is motivated by the idea of creating something truly new. I was encouraged to come up with my own initiatives and develop my own projects, and communication was always easy and smooth. ”

  • Fabio

    Design Intern

    “ At Refow I found a young, humble and vibrant working environment, where everybody is passionate about what they’re doing and their faith in the project is contagious. ”

  • Nathanaël

    Engineering Intern

    “ I can already feel that it changed my approach towards my work in many positive ways and it was a greatly rewarding experience. ”